Tribute to Helmy by Ahmes L Pahor

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Helmy was a good friend and a joy to be with. He had the sense of humour that would enliven a gathering. When he used to speak about his beloved subject of human rights, you know that the words were coming from the heart.

Helmy was meticulous in whatever he directed his attention to. Helmy used to thoroughly investigate and research any new venture or idea he or his friends would like to undertake. He was the number one person I knew who was up-to-date with events in Egypt and literally world-wide. He joined many on-line newspapers and took hours to select articles to place on the UK Copts web site. He also took many hours to sift through the comments posted to the web site and discard any expressing extreme views. Helmy tried his best to exalt in any task he undertook, throughout his life.

Helmy will be missed as a friend, councillor, a wise and visionary man. I’ll miss the long hours sitting with Helmy discussing freely all and everything, nothing was a taboo. I’ll miss the outings we had together, with family and friends. Helmy is a man impossible to forget.

Dr Ahmes L Pahor, PhD, FRCS, FICS

Freedom of the City of London