Coptic Solidarity Mourns Dr Helmy Guirguis

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With deep sorrow, Coptic Solidarity mourns Dr. Helmy Guirguis, member of its Board and one of its key Founding Members. Dr. Guirguis, 71, passed away after a short, but painful, struggle with illness. He is survived by his wife Cecile and daughter Mary-Monica.  

Dr. Guirguis was one of the key leaders of Coptic activism along with other pioneers such as Dr. Shawky Karas and Dr. Selim Naguib. He was the founder and president of the UK Copts Association. 

An example of dedication and persistence, he spared no effort in defending the persecuted.

We send our sincere condolences to his family and friends, Coptic Solidarity members, Coptic activists everywhere, and the Copts in general.